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To take the shuttlecocks on the spot you are too far. My treasurer does this with Lardesports and there has never been a problem, if you don't want to do this and my treasurer doesn't want to change his way of doing things, well we can't work together. I would say that the absurd reasoning works both ways, what interest would we have in not paying?

The rules must be applied to everyone without distinction or inequality. Also, we take the liberty of telling you that, in general, there are unscrupulous people in all areas who try to take advantage of suppliers.

We will not teach you anything by informing you of the practices used by these people, who order from a reseller, a manufacturer or a wholesaler online, who are then delivered, then who only pay after multiple reminders, knowing that the cost of a stimulus is exorbitant for a business. In addition, there are also people who only partially pay for their order, on the pretext that they are not satisfied. Finally, there are those who do not pay at all. In all these cases, the customer feels a winner and this encourages him to multiply orders by doing so.

This is the interest that some find in not paying.

There have been situations like this in the past in badminton. Some resellers have paid the price, to the point of closing shop. In a previous email that you received, it was not only a question of individuals but also of CLUBS which, a few years ago, caused a major badminton player in France to decline. This is why "our house does not give credit". On the other hand, we are quite prepared to cash deferred checks, as we told you previously.

If Maison Lardesport is doing this with you, perhaps it has been linked to your loyalty to them for many years. Was it the same from the first orders you placed with them?

Another proposal:

We have presented you with several payment options. For the sake of implementation and equality which seems obvious to us, we invite you to choose among the different solutions that we have proposed to you.

Another proposal:

If we do not apply the rules that support the running of our business equally with each club, do you not see the problems that would emanate from this difference in treatment? The world of badminton is not very big and a club that is granted some exceptional advantages could quickly lose a business, either by not paying or by informing other clubs of these methods, including decisions. could quickly be interpreted as being arbitrary, or worse, discriminatory.

Commercial relationships have their limits beyond which it becomes risky to engage. Trust is the starting point for these relationships. Your treasurer does not have to be his first expense and we are confident that he will understand the legitimate position we are taking in not admitting inequality between our clients, as he would not accept being the one who pays when others would benefit from financial advantages.

Also know that when a clent does not pay on time, the costs generated by the reminders are heavy to bear and are therefore not desirable for us.

Also, understand that the goal of a club is to train players while the goal of companies is to create a reliable business link. So, in your opinion, of the club that would not pay, or the company that we represent that would not deliver, which of the two could more easily find itself in a position to ignore its part of the contract?

In addition, the fact that a reseller grants you payment facilities does not constitute, in our opinion, the certainty that this process is the most suitable. In this case, it should not look like a regular form of operation for you, because this is a unique way of doing business. Also, this should not appear to you as the assurance that all the companies that you will ask subsequently will agree to do the same.

To enable you to understand our posture in the face of the worry that a customer's approach to paying after receipt of his order may represent, we invite you to think about the following question: what would your treasurer say if all the players in your club did not pay their membership until the end of the season?