If I create an account it's personal or I want to have a quote for my club to then order for the club

And then for the order and the payment?

On the other hand, my treasurer only pays when receiving the shuttlecocks, is it possible at your place?

I have just placed an order but since I have requested a transfer which will be made upon receipt of the order by my treasurer, I am blocked because the system asks that the transfer be made to receive the shuttles. You tell me about a check to cash after receipt but it's the same problem: my treasurer pays either by transfer or by check after receipt of the order, how can we do this?

To take the shuttlecocks on the spot you are too far. My treasurer does this with Lardesports and there has never been a problem, if you don't want to do this and my treasurer doesn't want to change his way of doing things, well we can't work together. I would say that the absurd reasoning works both ways, what interest would we have in not paying?

Is it possible to program routines?

If so, how many times can they be programmed?

On a routine, can the time between 2 strokes be different? For example can there be 2 seconds of difference between move 1 and 2 then 4 seconds between move 2 and 1, and so on?

Is it possible to create a routine by varying the height of the throws? For example, a high and long steering wheel on the right then a low and long steering wheel on the left?

Is it possible to have a random mode?

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