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Creation of RTV partner link

In order to promote this eco-responsible action within your club, we invite you to make it known to your licensees.

We would also be grateful if you could display on your website the "Pick Up Your Fly" logo by inserting the piece of HTML code below in the source code of your web pages, ideally in the footer of your site, or on a "Partners" page.

<h1 class = "entry-title page-title"> Pick Up Your Cock - Alionax </h1>

<a href="http://www.alionax.com/rtv#utm_source=<BVSE> & t; utm_medium = referral "target =" _ blank "rel =" noopener "> <img title =" Pick up Your Steering Wheel - Alionax " src = "http://www.alionax.com/img/logo-ramasse-ton-volant-alionax.png" alt = 'Pick up Your Cock- Alionax' '> </a>

Once this is done, we will also reference your club on the Pick Up Your Fly and References pages of the Alionax website.

For that, could you please send us by return email the following information which will be published on our site:

- the URL of a web page on which the Ramasse Ton Volant logo appears?

- the exact name of your association and its acronym

- the URL of your association's website

- the address of your association (the one at which you want to appear on the partner map)

- the email address of your association

- the phone number of your association

Finally, to ensure the best possible success for this operation, we also invite you to communicate on your social networks by systematically inserting a link to the page Pick Up Your Cock page and using the following hashtags: #alionax #PickUpYourCock