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Alionax offers to badminton players: badminton camps, shuttlecock launchers and shuttlecocks for your training sessions and competitions.

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Aliobot Supra - A fifth generation Shuttlecock Launchers

Aliobot Supra is the flagship of our fleet of shuttlecocks launchers. Thanks to its advanced embedded technology, it is easily transportable and can be quickly operated by remote control by one and all..

Aliobot Supra can significantly improve the level of your players producing thorough training, regular and repeated trajectories which can lead to considerable progress in your player's game. In random mode, Aliobot gives them the opportunity to work their response time.

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Badminton training camps

Whatever your level of practice, the coach will strive to analyze your overall technic. All the playing aspects will be improved and you will leave the training camp with working axes so you could refine it all during your future training sessions back home.

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Badminton tip of the day

While playing a match think about taking time between each point. This can give you a moment to analyze what has just happened and put into place a strategy for the next rally. Using this approach you'll be more lucid at the end of the match and/ or during a crucial moment (for example : 20/20 in the 3rd set).